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[MR.J] This is more than a game. It is also a place to tap into one’s full potential and pursue the truth. We have created the ultimate experience for fun and excitement,the Escape Room. With our properly arranged setting and reasonable puzzles closely surrounding the theme, players can immerse themselves throughout the exciting and dynamic scenes and game story. Breaking the limitations and constraints of the virtual world to let the players enjoy a maximized recreational experience! Every player will have their time to shine!

You might be a leader who makes decisions and commands the team
You might be a solver good at decrypting hidden information
You might be a thinker who likes to log and analyze data
You might be an artist that finds meaning in the simplest things
You might be a loner who prefers their own way of thinking an doing
You might be a Rebel unbound by the shackles of directional thinking
You might be an athlete who can overcome obstacles with physical prowess
You might be a detective insightful and willing to do anything to solve a problem
You might be a nobody looking to prove their worth

No matter who you are, or what you can do. team up! Unprecedented Joy awaits you!


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Mission: Explore the Castle & Crush the Conspiracy

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Mission:Tomb Adventure, Survive in Danger

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Mission: Antidote Needed.

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Mission: Saver in End of Days

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