About Us

MR.J Room Escape Club is about to land in Vancouver! We are located on Western Alexandra rd in Richmond.  Four Unique theme custom made and designed by Asia's top room escape design team. Our only goal is to be the best leading room escape club in Canada, being one of a kind.

We pursuit the ultimate fun experience, creating highest-quality mechanical Room Escape. With our properly arranged setting and reasonable puzzles closely surrounding the theme, super logical and realism, players can immerse themselves throughout the exciting and dynamic scenes and game story. Breaking the Virtual world limitations and constraint to let the players enjoy the maximized recreational experience combined with reasoning decryption!

At Mr J, everything is Possible. you might recover those child-like spirit that you thought you've lost once, or even discover some new potential abilities inside you. and also consolidate Friendship with your best buddies and find yourself some new reliable teammates. Whether you are a room escape novice. Or an escape master. Mr.J will have the most suitable challenge for you and your team for maximized joy!

Our commitment is to provide the most advanced puzzle designs you've never seen before, paired with the most realistic stories. It is our wholehearted intention to give you the greatest Room Escape tour.

So what you waiting for? Book up! Joy or not, It's your Call!